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Dr Hong Hai

has been registered TCM practitioner since 2003.

He previously served as a member of the TCM Practitioners Board

and Chairman of its Academic Committee, and is currently

an executive council member of the Academy of Chinese Medicine.

Trained originally in engineering and economics,

he subsequently completed graduate studies in Chinese medicine and the
philosophy of science, and continues to research the relationship

between TCM and biomedical principles. He is an author of Principles of Chinese Medicine: A Modern Interpretation, co-author of Cancer Management
with Chinese Medicine
, and editor of Acupuncture: Theories and
. He has conducted courses at NUS Extension, UniSIM,
the Confucius Institute and NTU executive programs. His
principal clinical areas are health cultivation, active ageing,
internal medicine, acupuncture and complementary treatments
for cancer and chronic illnesses.

Physician Karen Wee
graduated from Nanyang Technological University
(NTU) and the Beijing University of Chinese medicine.
She is trained in both biomedical science and Chinese
medicine. Her primary clinical areas are internal
medicine, gynecology, acupuncture, pediatrics, child tuina and
health cultivation. She has taught TCM courses at
UniSIM, Renhai, and the Confucius Institute and was a past President of NTU's Chinese Medicine Alumni Association.










Physician Soh Shan Bin

obtained a double degree in Biomedical Sciences (Nanyang Technological University) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine), and also a Masters degree in TCM Internal Medicine at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is well trained in multiple aspects of Chinese Medicine and her primary clinical areas are cardiovascular diseases, internal medicine, gynecology, acupuncture and chronic disease management (e.g. hypertension, diabetes). She has taught TCM course at the Renhai Clinic and the Confucius Institute.

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